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Dennis Koutoudis featured on The Huffington Post "Sargent, LinkedIn and the Right to Fame"

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Quoted at"In the Name of Gucci":A Behind-the-Scenes History of Fifth Avenue and Rodeo Drive

There are two types of men. Presenting exhibits A and B

LinkedSuperPowers featured in: Redefining Men's Fashion through the Human Body's Well Being

"Life is like #Twitter. You can't control what people say and do. You can just #follow or #unfollow them." Thoughts?

Αγαπες μου σημερα κοντα μας η MAC !!! Καντε retweet κ 5 απο εσας κερδιζετε απο μια παλετα με σκιες ??????????

Καντε retweet και κερδιστε τις υπεροχες ψηλες καστορινες μποτες που φοραω !!! NAK ????

Καντε retweet και 1 απο εσας κερδιζει την κουζινομηχανη KENWOOD???γιατι σας αγαπω ?